Chinese premier congratulates New Zealand’s new PM

BEIJING, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) — Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday congratulated Bill English on his new role as prime minister of New Zealand. In a message, Li said that as important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China and New Zealand have broad common interests. In recent years, China-New Zealand relations have developed smoothly and[…]

China’s Strategic Challenges amid a Daunting Transition

The latest five-year plan lays out key steps in the process of economic reform – and could well represent the country’s most important test The formal unveiling of the 13th Five-Year Plan has come at a pivotal moment in the nation’s development journey. After 35 years of extraordinary success, the Chinese economy faces a tough[…]

Beijing Unveils Five-Year Plan to Tackle Air Pollution

Draft of environmental protection program sees creation of 19 eco-industrial parks in national capital, expanded audits of hundreds of local businesses   (Beijing) — Beijing plans to have 30% fewer PM2.5 pollutants in its air by 2020. In a draft version of the city’s 13th five-year environmental protection (or “135”) plan released Tuesday, the municipal[…]

Lessons from South Korea for China’s Economic Rebalancing Act

A closer look at South Korea’s growth story highlights the pitfalls of wasteful investments and rising government debt and casts doubts on the 6-plus percent outlook for the Chinese economy   China and Korea have always grappled with an uneasy, uneven relationship, from the time of the Tang Dynasty in the 7th to 10th centuries,[…]

Investment Project Development Update 10/10/2016

Background: In early 2016 Eastern Bridge produced a report looking at the barriers experienced by local authorities in attracting investment. Two of the largest barriers were the lack of suitable information about the local business environment and a lack or absence of information relating to a specific investment project. To address the first barrier Eastern[…]

5 considerations for eCommerce in China

When setting up an eCommerce website for China it isn’t as easy as just going to WordPress and starting a new account. There are a lot of considerations and bureaucratic hurdles. Below are a few suggestions of things you need to be aware of: 1. Go beyond navigation: Sites require more than just a welcoming user[…]

Cultural concepts

East Asian and New Zealand cultures differ greatly, and without an understanding of the basic cultural dynamics it can be a struggle to understand why Asian partners take certain actions. Three important Asian cultural concepts are ‘Saving Face’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Obligation’, or ‘Mingzi’, ‘Guanxi’ and ‘Renqing’ in Chinese. Below are very basic descriptions, however gaining[…]

7 Common Issues

When engaging with Asian partners there are some common issues:   Communication Breakdown: The most common issue in developing a business relationship is communication breakdown. Important information frequently gets lots in translation which can lead to misunderstandings. It is important to have access to a trusted bi-cultural translator and interpreter, if possible two translators – one[…]

Investment Strategy Development

Eastern Bridge recently completed a contract for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Priority1 to develop a strategy to look at East Asian sources of foreign direct investment. The strategy reviews a range of countries, and cities of focus. The strategy then identifies processes and protocols to dealing with incoming investment requests from Asia,[…]