Taiwan is one of New Zealand's top 10 export destinations. In the year of 2013, exports were worth $850 (NZD). The New Zealand - Taiwan Free Trade Agreement gives New Zealand exporters an advantage over most other exporting countries.



Department stores

With parking, supermarkets and restaurants.Located in the cities.
SOGO;Shin Kong Mitsukoshi;Breeze Center;Far Eastern.


Retails. Located in the city
WELLCOME;MATSUSEI;PXMART; Jasons Marketplace;City'super.


Direct discount sale of goods bundled or packed in larger than conventional retail quantity. With parking, and restaurants. Located in the cities.
Costco;RT Mart; Carrefour;GEANT.

Convenience stores

General food, drink, everyday products. Located everywhere
7-11;Family Mart.


Cosmetics and drugs.


Duty free

In airports and big cities.
Ever rich Duty Free shop;Tasa Meng.


Trading Companies

A product can be distributed by going directly through a buying group. For agri-food, Carrefour, Auchan, 7 eleven and Wellcome offer these services. Distributing without an intermediary can be more difficult especially because of the language barrier. But it all depends on the product you want to export. For more information on trading companies consult this link.


Wholesalers act as commercial intermediaries and also provide logistics and storage services. The main actors are Carrefour, Auchan, 7 eleven, Wellcome.


The most popular types of distance selling are: Teleshopping, e-commerce and mail order. Television distance selling programs work well, and there are specialised channels broadcasting programs during which viewers can call in to order live. The types of products sold through distance selling are diverse and include: travel, electronics, books and magazines. Move information about eCommerce can be viewed in the Marketing section of this website. The major players in Taiwan's distance selling are:



Knowledge of the environment and the language. Presence on the spot. Personal contact with the customer which is very important for the Taiwanese.

Where to Be Vigilant

Find a reliable agent, try to obtain references.

Elements of Motivation

Exclusivity, entertainment, minimum sales, or qualitative indicators of sales efforts. Frequent communication per mail, phone, plus regular visits to Taiwan or invitation to visit your country.

The Average Amount of Commission

The amount of commission depends on the sector and the amount of business.

Breach of Contract

If the duration of the agreement is not fixed, either party may terminate provided a three-month notification is given.