5 considerations for eCommerce in China

When setting up an eCommerce website for China it isn’t as easy as just going to WordPress and starting a new account. There are a lot of considerations and bureaucratic hurdles. Below are a few suggestions of things you need to be aware of:

1. Go beyond navigation: Sites require more than just a welcoming user friendly site navigation. In order to gain foothold in China, brands websites need to display the content that the Chinese consumer’s desire. Localising a website to be tailored for the Chinese market requires much more than just translating your Western site’s pages. Understanding what your Chinese target market’s desires and needs to know about your product is fundamental to success in gaining a foothold in China. Content must be tailored for your targeted audience.

2. Be informative: Chinese consumers visit a brand website in the early awareness and education stages of the consumption cycle. Brands should focus their website design on informing the audience of what the brand represents. In example Burberry represents prestigious fashion. By instilling brand values to your websites audience, the consumer will be educated in to why they should desire your products.

3. When brand awareness is low, educate first: Educating consumers via your website is key for foreign brands that do not yet have a built up reputation in the Chinese market. When they are more accustomed and comfortable with your brand, consumers move onto other channels such as Ecommerce sites, booking sites and physical stores. The increased sales on these platforms will be the reward for educating consumers on your website.

4. Mobile is a must: With 89% of online Chinese accessing the Internet through a mobile, it is key that your mobile content fits the context of where the consumer is located, and the information they seek. The desired information when on a mobile tend to vary quite than when they’re on a desktop researching your brand.

5. Crossing your online Chinese channels: Now that you have educated your target audience via your website, it is important to encourage engagement and conversation on to social media channels. This enables you to learn how your brand awareness is being interpreted. Electronic word of mouth is key for your brand in China. Insure that your website provides links to both Weibo and Wechat so that your website audience can easily engage and share your brands message on these platforms to a larger audience.