Eastern Bridge is an International Relations Management company which supports New Zealand organisations to connect and leverage off their international partnerships in North East Asia. Eastern Bridge’s team of Asia specialists bring together a wide variety of skills including communication and marketing, legal and government relations. With native speakers of English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Eastern Bridge is well prepared to bridge the gap between New Zealand and Asia... LEARN MORE


Eastern Bridge provides an all encompassing service suitable for New Zealand organisations which desire to connect with partners from China, Japan and South Korea. The Service includes a range components you would expect from a large Foreign Affairs Office and is customisable to suite our clients needs. The International Relations service is scalable, based on an estimated number of hours meaning clients only pay for the amount of service they need.... LEARN MORE


Eastern Bridge works with New Zealand local governments, Economic Development Agencies, Business Councils, and Central Government Organisations to provide consulting, strategic planning and all encompassing International Relations management services. Eastern Bridge has contracts with over 30 New Zealand organisations and manages over 40 international partnerships.


Eastern Bridge's International Relations Management Service specialises in engaging in North East Asia, a very important region for New Zealand: China, Japan and Korea are are all within the top 6 partners for New Zealand in trade, export education or tourism. New Zealand has Free Trade Agreements with all three countries and there are over 60 Sister City agreements between New Zealand and North East Asian cities.

Eastern Bridge has an office in China which provides support to its local government clients when in the region. The China office undertakes a range of other activities to support economic and cultural collaborations between China and New Zealand.

Eastern Bridge has management contract with the Korea New Zealand Business Council, and maintains close relations with the both the New Zealand and the Korean Embassies. Eastern Bridge is active at promoting commercial exchanges between the two countries.

Eastern Bridge’s activities between New Zealand and Japan focus predominantly around cultural and education exchange.


Postal address: PO Box: 7169 Napier

Phone: (09) 2162632 (Office) | Mobile: 0223969590

Email: amy@easternbridge.co.nz (Office Manager) | simon@easternbridge.co.nz (CEO)